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Procurement policy

Published on 28 June 2016

CEA’s purchases: €2.5 billion a year

For its research and development, the CEA needs leading edge technological equipment and special tools, which are not always available on the market. For many specialized manufacturers, SMEs or large companies, the CEA’s procurement (ou purchase) are an opportunity to stimulate their technological innovation. Average investment in R&D by the CEA’s suppliers is four times higher than the national average.

The majority of the CEA’s procurement concerns high-tech products, but much of the equipment and services it buys cover its routine requirements: site logistics, office equipment, building construction or renovation (laboratories, processes), etc.

Every year, the CEA injects nearly €2.5 billion into the French economy through its procurement.

Careful attention paid to relationships with SMES

The CEA takes care to ensure the quality and diversity of its relationships with its suppliers. Since 2004, the CEA has joined Pacte PME, a scheme designed to foster relationships between French innovative SMEs and large corporations.

The CEA works closely with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other professional bodies.