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CEA contracts for radioactive cleanup and nuclear decommissioning

Published on 28 June 2016
Only companies approved by the CEA’s Committee for the certification of radioactive cleanup companies (CAEAR) may respond to announcements for these contracts.

Taking into account the issues (security, safety, etc.) involved in radioactive cleanup and nuclear facility decommissioning services, CAEAR ensures that companies applying for approval possess:

  • technical skill in the area involved;
  • quality organisation compliant with ISO standard 9001 (quality management system) or its equivalent;
  • radiation protection organisation, including training and health and dosimetric monitoring of staff (CEFRI-E certification in some fields);
  • safety and radiation protection improvement programme including optimisation objectives.

Companies must have full knowledge of French regulatory reference base and French so that all documents provided to the CEA and interaction with its contract managers are in French.

Assessment of the technical competence of companies is based on the CEA's CAEAR reference base.

Consideration of candidate firms is initially by application, followed by an inspection of the firm’s facilities. CAEAR's decision will be based on the firm's application and the inspection report.

Completion of dismantling

​Completion of dismantling at the nuclear facilities at the CEA's Grenoble centre (scraping) © CEA


For further information, please contact CAEAR: