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Cutting-edge platforms and equipment for materials

Published on 28 June 2016

​Learn about research equipment available to companies in the area of materials.

nanocharacterization platform

​Nanocharacterization Platform

To prepare materials and components on a nanometric scale*, it is necessary to know their morphology and physicochemical properties. This is the role of the Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC): its 80 researchers and technicians use some forty pieces of major equipment that are able to examine matter in 2- or 3-D at a scale close to that of the atom.

Covering a surface area of 2,500 m2, PFNC offers a unique set of skills in nanocharacterization. It supports CEA research programs, develops new analytical techniques and collaborates with some twenty equipment manufacturers, including both start-ups and major companies (IBM, STMicroelectronics, etc.).

*1 nanometre = 1 billionth of a metre


Saclay Laser-matter Interaction Center (SLIC)

SLIC is a research facility which offers a wide range of femtosecond lasers and experimental stations to study ultrafast processes and high intensity laser-matter interaction. Specific research topics include the development of and applications for coherent femto/attosecond XUV sources, laser acceleration of particles, high-intensity laser-solid interaction and femtochemistry. SLIC is a member of LaserlabEurope, the Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures.

SLIC facilities create close working relationships with numerous industrial partners, who focus primarily on the development of femtosecond lasers and related instruments.


Upstream Technology Platform (PTA)

The Upstream Technology Platform (PTA) is jointly administered by the Microelectronics Technologies Laboratory (LTM, CNRS/UJF/INP) and the CEA’s Institute for Nanoscience and Cryogenics (INAC). Located in Grenoble, it complements CEA-Leti’s 200 and 300 mm silicon wafer technology platforms.
PTA offers wide flexibility in the nature of materials and substrates, as well as size (from several mm2 to a 100 mm substrate). It is based on a flexible operating model which seeks to be responsive and quick. Some 700m2 of white room space with high-performance equipment for micro and nano manufacturing is available to industrial firms and researchers in nanoscience and nanotechnologies. This equipment can be used for complex and multi-material technological assemblies, even on a deca-nanometric scale.

Platform access

Work on the PTA takes the form of projects, which are validated in advance by an advisory committee simply on the basis of technical feasibility criteria. After training, the equipment is available for independent work. In certain cases, the technical group itself may perform the requested technological operations.


Platform for access to the large-scale heavy-ion accelerator (GANIL)

Platform for access to the large-scal The GANIL laboratory provides the international nuclear physics research community with heavy ion beams (from Carbon to Uranium, up to 95 MeV/n).
In addition to basic research, a beamline is dedicated to two types of industrial applications:

  • medium energy irradiation of polymers (production of microporous membranes, development of microstructures, etc.). In this area, GANIL works with small European companies and start-ups;
  • high energy irradiation for testing and certification of components for space. This application concerns all partners in this field, including CNES (French Space Agency), European Space Agency, Atmel, Infineon, STMicro, etc.

An annual schedule makes the beam available 7 to 8% of the time for these applications. In addition to the GANIL beams, the Spiral2 facility may soon provide access to neutron beams. heavy-ion accelerator (GANIL)

The Titan 3 Pico transmission electron microscope has final resolution of 0.5 Å

​The Titan 3 Pico transmission electron microscope has final resolution of 0.5 Å © P.Avavian/CEA

Saclay Laser-matter Interaction Center (SLIC)

​SLIC platform © P.Stroppa/CEA

JEOL 6300 FS Electronic Beam Lithography System

​JEOL 6300 FS Electronic Beam Lithography System
© L.Godart/CEA

​Spiral2 is an important link in European nuclear physics strategy

​Spiral2 is an important link in European nuclear physics strategy © P.Stroppa/CEA