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High performance computing platform

Published on 28 June 2016

​Learn about research equipment available to companies in the area of high performance computing.


The Research and Technology Computing Center (CCRT) is the only supercomputing center available to industry for research in France, and one of the few in Europe. Located in the CEA’s Very Large Computing Center (TGCC) in Bruyères-le-Châtel near Paris, the CCRT offers its partners the computing power necessary for numerical simulations, and the skills of the CEA's staff in all related scientific disciplines, including computing center architecture, storage expertise, machine room engineering, image treatment, modelling of complex physical phenomena, and software development.
The prototype for all subsequent industrial partnerships, the CCRT has been operating since 2003 and has continually demonstrated its ability to respond to the needs of industry in an secure environment conducive to growth.

Industrial partners:

AREVA, EADS/Astrium, EDF, Ineris, Snecma, Techspace Aero, Turbomeca , Valéo and since 2013, L’Oréal and Thalès, are partners of CCRT, in addition to four CEA research clusters (material sciences, nuclear energy, military applications, and life sciences). The presence of these major companies confirms the role of numerical simulation in industry for accelerating innovation and productivity.

CCRT's airain computer

​The CCRT’s Airain computer (200 Tflops)
© Cadam/CEA

Numerical simulation snecma

​Numerical simulation of aerodynamic phenomena in the combustion chamber of an airplane engine.
© Snecma