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Advanced Computing

 Advanced Computing

​Relever les défis informatiques de demain dans un monde connecté et continuer d’améliorer le niveau de performance sans compromettre l’efficacité énergique.

Published on 6 February 2017

New Computing Technologies

Taking up tomorrow's computing challenges in a connected world: maintaining performance progress while curtailing power consumption.

Leti brings together its silicon technology, architectural and software development expertise in ensuring tenfold higher power efficiency in the next generation of chips. Silicon technology-based scaling of its Fully Depleted SOI technology ensures dynamic power consumption/performance optimization.

Development of fast, dense resistive and magnetic non-volatile memories can be logically combined in the same chip to provide full system optimization. Sequential monolithic (CoolCube) and 3D multi-chip integration pioneered by Leti will very soon reach maturity, thereby increasing density and reducing interconnection power dissipation.

These technologies enable Leti designers to develop new circuit architectures based on efficient multicores and an innovative memory hierarchy to ensure zero dissipation on stand-by without compromising speed. System integration is ensured by specific embedded software and, by 2020,

Leti technology will be implemented to interconnect optically system components. Introduction of system-on-chip-based neural networks as specific application accelerators will offer further improvements. Leti's longer term development of entirely new components based on silicon chip manufacturing methods should make quantum computer implementation a reality.