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Publié le 11 septembre 2019

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umor resistance to radiotherapy is triggered by an ATM/TAK1-dependent-increased expression of the cellular prion protein
Jacqueline Bernardino-Sgherri, Capucine Siberchicot, Frédéric Auvré, Didier Busso, Clémentine Brocas, Ghazi El Masri, Anna Lioutsko, Federica Ferri, J Pablo Radicella, Paul-Henri Romeo, Anne Bravard
A genetic variant controls interferon-? gene expression in human myeloid cells by preventing C/EBP-? binding on a conserved enhancer
Assouvie, A., Rotival, M., Hamroune, J., Busso, D., Romeo, P.-H., Quintana-Murci, L. and Rousselet, G.
The HIF1a/JMY pathway promotes glioblastoma stem-like cells invasiveness after irradiation.
Gauthier, L.R., Saati, M., Bensalah-Pigeon, H., Ben M’Barek, K., Gitton-Quent, O., Bertrand, R., Busso, D., Mouthon, M.A., Collura, A., Junier, M.-P., Chneiweiss, H., Pineda, J.R. and Boussin, F.D
Chromatin recruitment of OGG1 requires cohesin and mediator and is essential for efficient 8-oxoG removal
Emilie Lebraud , Guillaume Pinna , Capucine Siberchicot , Jordane Depagne , Didier Busso , Damiano Fantini , Lamya Irbah , Elena Robeska , Gueorgui Kratassiouk , Jean-Luc Ravanat , Bernd Epe , J Pablo Radicella , Anna Campalans
Identification of the periplasmic DNA receptor for natural transformation of Helicobacter pylori.
Damke PP, Di Guilmi AM, Fernández Varela P, Velours C, Marsin S, Veaute X, Machouri M, Gunjal GV, Rao DN, Charbonnier JB, Radicella JP.
Role of the Srs2–Rad51 Interaction Domain in Crossover Control in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jenkins SS, Gore S, Guo X, Liu J, Ede C, Veaute X, Jinks-Robertson S, Kowalczykowski SC, Heyer WD
The translesion DNA polymerases Pol Zeta and Rev1 are activated independently of PCNA ubiquitination upon UV radiation in mutants of DNA polymerase Delta
Tellier-Lebegue C, Dizet E, Ma E, Veaute X, Coïc E, Charbonnier JB, Maloisel L
Structural basis for the substrate selectivity of Helicobacter pylori NucT nuclease activity.
Celma L, Corbinais C, Vercruyssen J, Veaute X, de la Sierra-Gallay IL, Guerois R, Busso D, Mathieu A, Marsin S, Quevillon-Cheruel S, Radicella JP.
A role for Tau protein in maintaining ribosomal DNA stability and cytidine deaminase-deficient cell survival
Bou Samra E, Buhagiar-Labarchede G, Machon C, Guitton J, Onclercq-Delic R, Green MR, Alibert O, Gazin C, Veaute X & Amor-Gueret M.
Srs2 promotes synthesis-dependent strand annealing by disrupting DNA polymerase delta-extending D-loops.
Liu J, Ede C, Wright WD, Gore SK, Jenkins SS, Freudenthal BD, Todd Washington M, Veaute X, Heyer WD
Opposite effects of GCN5 and PCAF knockdowns on the alternative mechanism of telomere maintenance.
Jeitany M, Bakhos-Douaihy D, Silvestre DC, Pineda JR, Ugolin N, Moussa A, Gauthier LR, Busso D, Junier MP, Chneiweiss H, Chevillard S, Desmaze C, Boussin FD.
ComB proteins expression levels determine Helicobacter pylori competence capacity.
Corbinais C, Mathieu A, Damke PP, Kortulewski T, Busso D, Prado-Acosta M, Radicella JP, Marsin S.
Data set for describing the elaboration of a compatible Gateway-based co-expression vector set and supporting its validation
L. Salim, C. Feger, D. Busso
Construction of a compatible Gateway-based co-expression vector set for expressing multiprotein complexes in E. coli
L. Salim, C. Feger, D. Busso
Technical updates to basic proteins focalization using IPG strips
Depagne J, Chevalier F