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CIVA will soon have its first Structural Health Monitoring tool

The latest version of the CIVA non-destructive testing (NDT) software platform developed by List, a CEA Tech institute, will be released soon. This latest release has a brand-new structural health monitoring (SHM) module developed specifically for metal and composite structures. This is the first SHM tool to be integrated into CIVA.

Published on 4 June 2020

​Structural health monitoring (SHM) leverages sensors that are permanently integrated into a structure to monitor the structure's condition throughout its lifespan. The latest release of CIVA features a new elastic guided wave monitoring module for metals and composites. CIVA is a non-destructive testing (NDT) software platform developed by List, a CEA Tech institute.

The new integrated simulation tools show the trajectory of elastic waves in structures with no defects and calculate the disruption to the waves if defects (corrosion, holes, and cracks for metal; delamination for composites) are present in the material. The tools will provide valuable assistance optimizing SHM systems. Designers will now be able to determine how many piezoelectric sensors are needed and where they should be positioned to ensure effective monitoring of a structure. Another benefit of the new tools, which are available to SHM engineers and experts, is that they automate the implementation of a large number of simulations in just minutes. CIVA also generates very substantial savings on computing costs compared to conventional methods, a crucial factor for large simulation campaigns to feed learning algorithms or statistical analyses.

CIVA now offers a powerful and innovative SHM solution that will create major new opportunities like certification for SHM systems in industries like aeronautics, aerospace, energy (nuclear, oil & gas), and land transportation. The module will be sold by Extende. Future versions of the software will offer expanded geometry, defect, and sensor libraries and will include advanced data processing capabilities.

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