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Optics and photonics

Published on 2 March 2017


CEA Tech institute Leti occupies a unique position in the race toward optical and photonic component miniaturization, and is capable of implementing technologies similar to those used for microelectronics and MEMS.

One of the institute’s key focuses is lighting, with R&D programs to reduce energy consumption and develop smart LED lamps and light fixtures. Leti researchers are also investigating ways to increase LED and OLED display luminance with the goal of developing compact augmented reality display systems.

In the field of silicon photonics, Leti is capable of making miniaturized optoelectronic circuits and components (modulators, detectors, lasers, and waveguides) for voice and data applications. The institute also develops optical sensors capable of reducing the cost and form factor of the components used to detect and analyze chemical substances.



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