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Safety and defense


Published on 14 April 2016


  • Component and systems manufacturers
  • Security service providers and software developers
  • Critical infrastructure builders and operators
  • Companies in the transportation, aeronautics, and other industries
  • Government agencies

Digital transformation brings with it an increased risk of cyberthreats. CEA Tech’s institutes are developing innovative technologies to ensure data integrity and security, from data collection through to delivery of services to end users.

CESTI, a lab at CEA Tech institute Leti, is one of France’s two official IT security evaluation centers, and can provide the know-how needed to verify and certify security components. CEA Tech institute List leverages its Frama-C platform to verify the security of a system’s various software layers. Other technologies developed by CEA Tech include physical protection of integrated circuits and homomorphic encryption to reduce the risk of security breaches and malevolent activities.



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