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Large area printing

Published on 2 March 2017



Components made from printed electronics are flexible, conformable, and cost-effective to produce, making them perfect for the booming mobile device market as well as for applications in building materials and systems and healthcare. CEA Tech institute Liten covers the entire value chain, from formulating inks and enhancing the printing techniques (screen printing, slot-die, flexography, heliography) used on flexible materials like plastic, paper, and textiles through to layer characterization.

The institute’s intensive research has helped to improve component reliability and reproducibility and lengthen component lifespans to two or three years. The institute recently successfully produced photodetectors, transistors, and sensors (strain gauges) on a flexible plastic substrate.

Liten’s printing techniques are compatible with large areas (up to 32 cm x 38 cm) and offer the added benefit of being able to personalize the design and position of sensors on a given surface, regardless of whether the surface is planar or curved.



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