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Published on 16 April 2016


Arnano uses special techniques to engrave materials that are difficult to machine to make decorative parts, an archive medium with a lifespan of more than 2,000 years, and parts for microfluidics and optics.

Arnano uses a number of advanced processes to make its products. The company employs techniques like PVD, thermosensitive lithography, direct photolithography, and deep engraving on substrates like sapphire, ceramic, quartz, and Zerodur®. The company has had a joint lab with Leti since 2010 and holds licenses to around ten of the institute’s patents. 

The company makes decorative parts for fine timepieces on sapphire, quartz, or engineered glass. The micron-resolution of Arnano’s engravings makes it possible to create images in greyscale and to hide authentication marks.

And, for data archiving, Arnano can engrave the content of 10,000 A4 pages (the equivalent of a 1.5 meter stack of paper) onto a Nanoform, or 200-mm sapphire disk. 

The deep, precision engraving of hard materials has applications on a number of markets, from decorative parts for the luxury industries to microfluidics and optics, where it can be use

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