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Materials and processes

Nanomaterials and processes

Published on 29 April 2016


Nanomaterials are crucial to giving materials the specific properties required for certain applications. These properties can include lower melting temperatures and a higher surface-to-volume ratio, useful in catalysis. CEA Tech institute Liten is developing nanomaterials synthesis processes employing the most “nano-safe” approach possible. This entails using liquid-phase synthesis reactors and reactors equipped with confinement systems if gaseous-phase processes cannot be avoided. Insofar as possible, the various steps in the synthesis process are carried out without removing the material from the confined environment.

For example, Liten researchers have successfully grown very dense carbon-nanotube carpets from a substrate. The carbon nanotubes, which offer excellent electrical conductivity, are woven into thread that could ultimately be used to make electrical wire to replace today’s copper wire.

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