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New developments in transparent heating polymer films

​CEA recently patented the world's first 100% polymer film that is both heating and transparent. The new film could be a good candidate to replace existing materials in electrodes and transparent heating films.

Published on 6 February 2018

PEDOT, a type of polymer being investigated at Liten, a CEA Tech institute, and Inac as part of the institutes' thermoelectric materials development programs, has researchers' full attention following a successful demonstration that the material is conductive enough to ensure low electrical resistance, even when the material is thin enough for light to pass through it.

Not only are the polymer films transparent and conductive—they are also flexible and easy and cost-effective to implement on large surfaces using a variety of processes from spraying and dipping to flow coating and printing. When an electrical current of 12 V is applied, the film's temperature can rise to more than 120 °C, making it ideal for uses like defrosting and defogging. This 100% polymer transparent heating film is the world's first.

A motorcycle-visor prototype was built to demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of using the new film for this type of application, garnering interest from several manufacturers. A PhD candidate will soon begin further research on the material, most notably to improve electrical conductivity and, most importantly, stretchability. In the meantime, Liten has filed three patents to protect this promising innovation.

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