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Morphosense sets sights on offshore oil & gas market

​After a successful fundraising round in late 2018, Morphosense has reached a new milestone, earning ATEX Z1 and Z21 certifications for its NEURON system. ATEX certifies conformity with EU regulations for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres containing gases and dusts.

Published on 20 January 2020

​Based on three patents held by CEA Tech institute Leti, NEURON is a 3D deformation and three-axis vibration measurement sensor network developed by startup Morphosense. NEURON, which already comes in IP65 (protection against pressure water jets from all directions) and IP69 (protection against immersion to depths of 200 m) versions, recently obtained ATEX Z1 (gas) and ATEX Z21 (dust) certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, bringing the total number of strategic certifications earned by the product to three.

Morphosense turned to CentrExpert, a certification consulting firm, to analyze the product's design and recommend solutions for making the product safe for use in atmospheres with potentially-explosive blends of air and flammable gases, vapors, or dusts. The company kept the existing NEURON enclosure but sealed it against ingress by injecting a special resin using a process tested and certified by CentrExpert.

ATEX certification will enable Morphosense to address new markets, including offshore oil & gas—a particularly strategic market due to the fact that the majority of platforms will soon reach the end of their lifespans. Morphosense sensors can be used to instrument offshore oil & gas platforms to improve risk management and extend equipment lifespans. The company is currently working to obtain maritime certification.

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