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Startup Scintil Photonics ready to prototype

Scintil Photonics, a spinoff of Leti, a CEA Tech institute, recently raised €4 million. The company will use the influx of funds to produce prototypes of its circuit.

Published on 9 March 2020

​Social media, connected devices, and cloud computing have brought data centers to the forefront. Today, around 80% of data exchanges take place over short distances inside data centers.  

Scintil Photonics, a Leti spinoff founded in 2018, is developing innovative photonic circuits that are fully integrated (laser, modulator, and photodetector) on silicon. The purpose of the company's powerful circuits (which can handle up to 800 Gbit/s) is to help cope with the growing flow of data generated by our increasingly connected world. 

Just one year after winning the 2018 i-lab innovation competition run by Bpifrance (the French government's investment bank), Scintil Photonics completed its first round of fundraising, bringing in €4 million from private investors. The influx of funds will allow the company to have prototypes of its circuit manufactured by industrial foundries. Samples will be provided to strategic customers on the data center market for testing before full-scale production begins. The first pre-series runs are expected by the end of 2021. 

The potential applications for Scintil Photonics' circuits go beyond data centers. The company will have opportunities in optical communications and detection systems like LiDAR

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