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CES 2020 : CEA to exhibit at CES Las Vegas on January 7–10

CEA startups at CES 2020

Creating successful, long-lasting startups to bring our technologies to the market is one of our core missions.

Published on 22 November 2019

For more than 20 years the CEA has pursued an active startup policy that has earned the organization recognition for its support for new tech companies. Today, startups—the right choice for disruptive, high-risk technologies that address emerging market segments—are a key pillar of the CEA’s technology transfer strategy.

CEA startups at CES2020


New antenna designs. For precision GNSS everywhere.

anteneo.JPGAnteneo is bringing precision GNSS to the mass market. We customize our antenna designs to meet specific requirements (radiation pattern, frequency, antenna placement), and then license these turnkey designs out to manufacturers. Our designs are backed by product integration support services.


Multi-frequency GNSS is a stand-alone precision geolocation solution, making
it an effective response to mobility-related needs, from ADAS and asset tracking, to free-floating shared vehicles and driverless cars. Anteneo takes the headaches out of antenna integration, one of the major hurdles to the widespread adoption of highprecision GNSS.

  • ISORG :

Because your security matters. Isorg is a one-stop provider of security solutions for various market.


A Liten startup, Isorg was founded in 2010 by a team of senior managers and technical experts from the high-tech and electronicsindustries. The company’s core technology successfully integrates printed photodiodes on different substrates to enable large-areaimage sensors for the smartphone, security markets and extended  applications in medical X-ray imaging and non-destructive testing(NDT).

Isorg is present in Grenoble, France (technology and application development), Limoges, France (manufacturing), and Asia (sales and application support). The company offers its customers a complete solution from a single provider.
The company plans to leverage its strong know-how of sensor technology to become the leading provider of printed-electronicsbased optoelectronic systems and also complete large-area-imagesensor solutions for the markets the company serves.


Isorg’s sensor system can be built on a plastic substrate, which means that the product can be shaped to facilitate integration into a variety of products. This makes it ideal for mobility applications that require authentication with a high degree of security. These include smartphones and mobile police scanners, automotive systems, ID verification for electric bike or scooter solutions, and more.

  • Nawa Technologies :

Multiply the range of your battery with nawacap cells, a lithium free, ecological booster and harvester.

Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) have been at the center of human mobility for more than a century with a lot of improvements. But today we enter a new age of motorisation based on batteries or fuel cells and electric motors, coming back at the first ages of automobile. Lithium batteries or Fuel cells are seen as the two best competitors to power these new cars but they are lacking in power and suffer from safety or environmental issues.
NAWACAPs, in combination with a battery or fuel cell will play the
role of a double “turbo” in an ICE, harvesting energy and providing a
boost of power.
The performance of our NAWACAP cells makes it easier to integrate into a hybrid system with no need for DC/DC converters. It opens new ways to optimize power and energy and can double/triple a vehicle’s range and the lifetime while reducing the size/weight of the main battery pack.
The manufacturing and use of NAWACap cells is better for the environment as well, reducing battery sizes, thus loading and mining issues, recycling and waste.


The combination of a NAWACAP cell and a lithium-ion battery or fuel cell can, today, trickle down across many mobility sectors, from E-bikes to Urban Transportation. Fast recharge, better energy management, KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), decentralised power will benefit from NAWACAP
cells. As well as greatly improving the overall life of the system and its ability to recover energy, this ‘hybrid’ battery has the potential to be lighter and more compact, improving range and efficiency further.

  • wise-integration :

A faster, more compact, environnementally-friendly 100W universal charger (USB C power delivery)

wise integration.pngToday’s consumers use an average of four different types of chargers for their electronic devices.
Leti startup wise-integration will be at CES 2020 to present the world’s first universal USB charger capable of powering any device up to 100W. The USB Power Delivery protocol automatically adjusts the power to the device being charged.
User benefits:
• 6x faster than a conventional 15W charger
• Multiport: Charge up to 4 devices at once with it’s dynamic usb
• Universal: thanks to USB PD protocol : use to charge
smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.


Soon users will only need a single multiport charger for all of their electronic devices, the EnergySaver 100. This pocketsized USB charger is compact enough to go anywhere, even overseas (no international plug adapter required). The
EnergySaver 100 will help reduce the amount of electronic waste and lower energy spending worldwide.