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Papyrus, an industrial-scale model-driven engineering platform

​The Papyrus Industry Consortium (PIC) was established in 2016 to develop and distribute Papyrus, an open-source model-driven engineering (MDE) platform developed by List, a CEA Tech institute. The Consortium brings together thirteen industrial companies, including three large corporations.

Published on 16 March 2017

​For List, Papyrus serves both as a platform for innovating model-driven engineering software and a development resource for all industries impacted by the increasing use of digital technology, and, especially, fields like robotics, new energy technology, and electronics architectures. The capacities offered by Papyrus meet the needs of a broad range of industrial companies. In 2016, the Papyrus Industry Consortium (, whose members include Airbus, Ericsson, and Saab, was formed to work with end users, technology developers, and researchers to pursue the common goal of supporting and enhancing the flexible, modular, open-source MDE platform for software and systems development.

The Consortium provides industrial companies with effective support for their MDE innovation projects. And because the Consortium pools resources and efforts, it also helps these companies save time and, therefore, reduce development costs. Users have access to the Consortium’s resources and tools, which will continue to evolve with changing needs and new technological advances. Finally, the Consortium’s large and diverse international community gives users opportunities to conduct joint research projects and receive training.

The Papyrus Industry Consortium constitutes a major addition to the MDE solutions List can offer industrial companies, who can now access applied and personalized models and a large community of Papyrus experts and users.

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