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Iprasense introduces high-throughput cell culture monitoring

​Iprasense has just released its third product, one that leverages a lensless imaging technology protected by around a dozen patents. The company's latest offering is particularly well-suited for high-throughput cellular screening in drug discovery.

Published on 24 October 2017

Iprasense's high-throughput Cytonote Cell Counter, up to 96 cell cultures can be monitored in parallel and in real time. Like the company's previous-generation cell counter, the new product provides very accurate statistics on cell viability and requires no pre-screening treatment.

The product is the third in a lineup that leverages a lensless imaging technology developed at Leti, a CEA Tech institute. The technology increases the visual field by a factor of ten over traditional microscope (24 sq. mm). Light emitted by a LED is diffracted by the cells being observed, creating a hologram recorded by a CMOS sensor. The images are then reconstructed from the diffraction patterns using holographic algorithms and displayed on a screen. A signal processing technique is also used to determine whether cells are viable or not.

Samples from 3 ml to 13 ml are placed on a 96-well plate, allowing labs to test the effects of 96 substances on the same cell culture, for example. This capability makes the product ideal for antibiotic sensitivity tests, high-throughput cellular screening for drug discovery, or to monitor the effectiveness of a therapy.

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