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SensiNact released as open source

​The SensiNact data integration and IoT services development platform created by Leti, a CEA Tech institute, was recently released as open source.

Published on 26 July 2017

The SensiNact software environment is used to link sensors and objects served by an IoT gateway or IoT processing node to the cloud. Leti began developing and testing SensiNact in 2010. Today, the platform facilitates the integration of heterogeneous data from all types of sensors regardless of the network communication protocol used. SensiNact has been tested successfully under several joint R&D projects, including Festival (smart home and shopping solutions), Butler (smart parking, fall detection, and emergency calls), and, above all, smart city projects like ClouT (Cloud of Things) and Organicity.

Leti announced at Embedded World 2017 that it would release SensiNact as open source via the Eclipse community. "The decision will enable users, especially cities, to develop their own applications without the risk of vendor lock-in," said one researcher. "The open source community will also provide opportunities to share experiences, help improve SensiNact, and inventory use cases." The core features of SensiNact will be available as open source; however, certain other features and extensions will remain under paid license.

Keywords: telecommunications and communicating objects, industrial IoT, ambient intelligence, smart cities

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