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DOSEO expands training for medical physicists

​The DOSEO radiotherapy research and training center recently created a new training course combining theoretical and hands-on learning over three two-day sessions. The new course is being offered in response to high demand from medical physicists.

Published on 24 September 2018

​DOSEO’s mission is to ensure that new radiotherapy technologies are used optimally to guarantee maximum patient safety. The center also trains radiotherapy students and practitioners. DOSEO recently presented its latest training course to 70 attendees at Journée des Manipulateurs Radio 2018, an event for radiotherapy professionals.

DOSEO already offers a course in metrology for radiotherapy that draws on the center’s broad, deep knowledge of metrology. The new course, for medical physicists, was created at the request of the French national nuclear safety board (ASN). It focuses on measuring doses in stereotaxic conditions or, in other words, in minibeam therapy. So far the course has been so popular that several additional dates have been scheduled.

A third training course will provide physicists with an introduction to dose measurement in imaging, which requires specific protocols. The topic was the subject of the AID-IGRT project funded by the French national research agency (ANR), which set out to control the doses received by patients in image-guided radiotherapy. 3D calculation software was developed to measure the doses delivered by the embedded imaging systems, generating a personalized calculation of the dose received by each of the patient’s organs depending on the patient’s morphology and the unique parameters of the treatment protocol.

Philippe Giraud, President of AFCOR (the Association for Continuing Education in Oncology and Radiotherapy) and member of the DOSEO Steering Committee, said, 

“DOSEO is the only technical facility that has state-of-the-art equipment and high-level experts on the same premises available to practitioners, dosimetry technicians, and medical physicists for training on the latest radiobiology, imaging, and medical physics techniques. And, because DOSEO is near INSTN (France’s national nuclear science and technology institute), it has access to vital medical physics know-how. Beyond training, DOSEO is also an active participant in research projects, helping to transfer the results of the projects to industry with Aviesan, France’s national alliance for the life and health sciences. It is our main resource for medical physics and radioprotection.”

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