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More secure data on mobile platforms

​The EU Mobitrust project helped to develop more secure environments for the execution of critical applications on new mobile platforms.

Published on 21 August 2018

Protecting the data transmitted via mobile (smartphone and tablet) platforms can be challenging. Researchers at Leti, a CEA Tech institute, tackled the issue in work conducted under the Mobitrust project, which was established to enhance data security and privacy on tomorrow's mobile platforms.

Specifically, Leti researchers were tasked with structuring and—most importantly—automating the vulnerability analysis of secure environments for the execution of critical applications on mobile platforms. The automation of the process makes the tests reproducible, increases coverage, and limits the number of interventions by specialists with rare skills. The number of tests completed can easily be increased by adding to the library used by the reference platform. The researchers also investigated "secure start" functions—another sensitive area of mobile platforms.

Last but not least, Leti went beyond the security guarantees already offered by secure environments, adding verifications that ensure that implementation recommendations are followed by secure service developers. The Mobitrust project, completed in 2017, resulted in a demonstrator that has since been validated on reference targets.

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