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sensiNact plays key role in FESTIVAL project

​A testing platform based on the sensiNact software environment was developed under the FESTIVAL project. The platform provides access to data collected from a variety of experimental sources.

Published on 26 April 2018

The sensiNact software environment has been undergoing development and testing at Leti, a CEA Tech institute, since 2010. The software was designed to facilitate the integration of data from all types of sensors, removing the barriers of heterogeneous data formats and different network communications protocols. The software came through testing with flying colors in research conducted under the recently-completed FESTIVAL joint R&D project. The objective of the FESTIVAL project was to build a testing platform providing access to a wide variety of data from connected devices to develop smart home and smart retail applications.

Data from thousands of sensors (temperature, humidity, pollution, vibration, and more) installed in three train stations in Japan and throughout the city of Santander, Spain, as well as data from sensors and switches from two smart home labs in Japan, were integrated into sensiNact. The databases are available to research scientists and startups seeking data that reflects real-world conditions as closely as possible to test their algorithms.

Also under the FESTIVAL project, sensiNact was used in an art project on the role of Big Data in our society. A video artist used data from sensors and cameras in Japan and France to create a work that was exhibited at the Festival of Light in Lyon, France, in December 2017. Last, but not least, an Urban Technology Alliance is currently being set up by the FESTIVAL project partners with the goal of becoming the world's leading initiative on smart cities. 

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