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Strategic partnership

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes regional government supports innovation

The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (AURA) regional government is supporting economic development and job creation through a partnership with the CEA signed in 2018. The partnership has financed some major equipment purchases.

Published on 12 November 2019

​The AURA regional government has earmarked €100 million over five years to support the development and industrial transfer of microelectronics and hydrogen technologies, including technologies for carbon-free mobility. The funding will also address developments in three emerging fields: medical devices, the agriculture of the future, and the digital campus.

To date, several major equipment purchases have been made under the partnership. For example, a new immersion scanner was installed on the 300 mm line at Leti, a CEA Tech institute. This state-of-the art lithography equipment will deliver unrivalled precision. The 300 mm line was also outfitted with a metrology unit associated with the new machine. Other investments will enable advances in energy: High-temperature electrolysis equipment for hydrogen production and equipment for hydrogen transportation were purchased; additional acquisitions were made in the area of solar photovoltaics.

Another of the partnership's major objectives is to promote the dissemination of innovative technologies for these strategic industries to the companies that need them and, specifically, small- and medium-sized businesses based in the region. The AURA regional government and CEA have begun working together to reach this goal.

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