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Y.SPOT at Sport Unlimitech trade show kickoff edition

​Grenoble Open Innovation Center Y.SPOT was front and center at the inaugural edition of the Sport Unlimitech trade show held at Lyon's Gerland Stadium from September 19 to 21. Several prototypes and demonstrator systems that illustrate the kinds of innovative sports-related products and services developed at this open, collaborative innovation hub were showcased at the event.

Published on 7 October 2019

​Digital technology is everywhere, even in sports. So, it should come as no surprise that Y.SPOT (the Grenoble Open Innovation Center) has already contributed to the development of several products and services for the sports market. Y.SPOT leverages user-centered—and, in this case, athlete-centered—design methods that include user testing of prototypes. This approach encourages the development of relevant innovations that effectively respond to the needs of the market.

Companies that work with Y.SPOT can benefit from world-class expertise in fields that are crucial to the digitalization of sports, whether it is growing demand for wearables for athletes or for high-tech systems that can be integrated directly into sports equipment to enhance athletic performance monitoring. And the technological options are vast, with sensors of all shapes and sizes, sensor integration and data fusion, miniaturized components and batteries, flexible electronics, 3D printing, and flexible packaging, to name a few.

Sport Unlimitech showcased several innovations for the sports market. One technology utilizes automated image indexing and analysis to recognize movements for augmented tennis and soccer coaching. Other technologies include the Push pedal, an autonomous effort measurement system for cyclists, the Babolat connected tennis racket, and startup Moovlab's virtual fitness coaching bracelet. Visitors to Sport Unlimitech—which included representatives of manufacturing companies as well as athletes—were won over by the novel solutions on display.

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