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Leti to present several demonstrator systems at CES 2017

​Leti, a CEA Tech institute, will be exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show for the second year running. CES, to be held on January 5–8 2017, is the world’s largest event dedicated to innovation in information and digital technologies.

Published on 3 January 2017

​This year Leti plans to exhibit three innovations that illustrate CEA Tech’s know-how in designing and building demonstrator systems.

The first, called Relax, is the world’s first brain-activity-monitoring system simple enough to be used by anyone. The system leverages a helmet equipped with “dry” electrodes to detect, measure, and analyze the wearer’s brain waves and, specifically, alpha waves. It can be used at home or at work, giving the wearer real-time feedback on how relaxed he or she is.

The second is the Push bicycle pedal. Priced at under $100 (ten times less expensive than solutions currently available on the market), the pedal translates the force applied to the pedal and pedaling speed into real-time power data. The innovative system could be used in athletic coaching, health and wellness, gaming, and other applications. It works on either side of the pedal, is easy to install, and can be used with any bicycle. The power generated by the cyclist is calculated to within 8% accuracy.

The third system to be presented by Leti is Sigma Fusion, which will help tomorrow’s driverless cars more accurately perceive their environment. The demonstrator Leti will present at CES fuses data from a stereoscopic camera and two LIDAR sensors, transforming the data into accurate information about the vehicle’s environment. The system is capable of detecting obstacles of all kinds and assessing the amount of open space around the vehicle, increasing security.

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