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An integrated environment for IoT systems modeling and supervision

​​​For a wide range of devices to interact securely, the underlying hardware, software, and network protocols must be relatively homogeneous. CEA Tech institute List recently helped to develop an IoT systems design and supervision environment that leverages model-driven engineering.​​

Published on 13 October 2016

​​​​​As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, heterogeneous systems are required capable of working together to deliver new applications and services. Because these systems use different hardware, software, and network protocols, it can be difficult to detect critical states.

List recently worked with PrismTech and MicroEJ under the S3P project to develop an integrated IoT systems development and supervision environment that addresses application development, application implementation on execution resources, and system-level supervision of execution.

For the development phase, CEA List's Papyrus model-driven engineering suite is used to design IoT applications independently of the heterogeneous execution and communication resources likely to be used. The code is then generated automatically and implemented on the execution platforms. Implementation and supervision leverage PrismTech Vortex DDS and MicroEJ OS, two IoT-specific solutions.

A prototype of this integrated environment was tested successfully on a home automation application. List researchers will soon integrate reasoning and planning techniques to tackle the issue of automatic reconfiguration during execution.

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