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Exploring electricity storage in Corsica?

​Liten, a CEA Tech institute, recently joined forces with France’s energy agency ADEME to assess the benefits combining electricity storage and renewable energy production could bring to micro-grids connected to the main grid on the island of Corsica.

Published on 16 May 2017

​The purpose of the Smarthyles project was to increase the proportion of renewable energy in Corsica’s energy mix without jeopardizing the stability of the grid. Researchers at Liten assessed the technical and economic benefits of battery and hydrogen-based electricity storage solutions in different existing configurations identified with the assistance of local energy stakeholders.

The first configuration studied entailed using storage to maximize solar energy self-consumption, relieving pressure on the grid during peak consumption hours at a marina. The researchers investigated a second configuration, where storage was used to help an isolated village on the island improve voltage plan control. In the third configuration, the researchers simulated load shedding during times when ferries were plugged in to ship-to-shore power systems at the port of Ajaccio.

The simulations, completed using the Odyssey (for the ports) and Spider (for the village) platforms, resulted in cost estimations for the various solutions under consideration. “The costs of storage are not insignificant. However, storage can provide a level of service it is difficult to put a price tag on currently. The regulatory environment will also have to evolve to facilitate the widespread adoption of storage solutions,” said one researcher. “For example, ferries are not yet required to shut down their engines at berth in Ajaccio, but they could be soon. If that were to happen, the solution we investigated for the port would definitely deliver economic benefits.” Stay tuned for updates!

Resources and know-how: smart grid systems, battery storage, hydrogen production and storage

Markets: smart grids, energy storage, renewable energy

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