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Seeing is good, but characterizing is better!

​​​Iprasense's new Cytonote Counter does more than let you observe cells in culture—it assesses cell viability, providing unparalleled precision and reproducibility.​

Published on 20 October 2016

Startup Iprasense, which is commercializing a technology developed at CEA Tech institute Leti, released the first-ever lensless microscope on the market in 2015. The company has continued working with Leti to develop the cell characterization module that gives its Cytonote Counter advanced capabilities.

The product enables cell observation and provides the data needed to compile very accurate statistics on cell viability. Analysis does not require any special preparation and is completed very quickly. "The cells are taken from a fluid chamber and a sample of just 3 ml is all that is required for observation. A signal-processing technique is used to determine whether the cells are alive or dead, without altering them," said the project leader at Leti. This marks a substantial leap forward from the only other technique currently available, which requires marking the cells with a toxic dye. "The technology could open the door to in-line cell culture monitoring. The cells sampled never leave the circuit, eliminating the risk of sampling-related contamination."

​​​​Iprasense's new product will address real-time cell culture monitoring in incubators and bioreactors, mainly for pharmaceutical companies for their monoclonal antibody and vaccine process development and production needs.

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