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The d-shirt, a smart t-shirt - CiTYZEN

Published on 16 April 2016


Super-instrumented athletic garment

The D-Shirt provides athletes all the crucial data they need—heart rate, body temperature, speed, acceleration, geolocation, altitude, and more—in real time during a training session. And, once the training session is over, the data can be downloaded to a smartphone or computer to be analyzed or shared… and the D-Shirt goes right in the washing machine like any other piece of clothing.

The D-Shirt even earned its manufacturer, Cityzen Sciences, an award at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.


Leti leveraged its existing expertise in the field of sensors and conducted a thorough review of the global state of the art to help Cityzen Sciences make the right choices for applying Body Area Network (BAN) technology to its future product—because the human body is mainly water, it can disrupt and otherwise complicate wireless communications, something the R&D work had to take into account.

Leti’s recommendations included technical standards, transmission frequencies, and antenna shapes, as well as the use of energy-efficient wired and wireless communication standards suitable for use with Body Area Networks.

Leti also determined how communications between the different sensors could be distributed (wired and wireless) across the D-Shirt...

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