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Published on 16 April 2016



Performing routine blood tests right from the comfort of your own home could soon be a reality, thanks to Avalun’s LabPad® mobile point-of-care device. All it takes is a drop of blood to get results like blood coagulation speed, blood sugar, or cholesterol in just minutes. The different types of tests can all be performed on the same reader; users just need to insert the appropriate disposable cartridge for the type of test prescribed by their healthcare provider.


The device is based on an advanced microscopy technology that leverages a CMOS sensor to pick up light diffraction patterns. Leti helped develop algorithms to reconstitute an “image” from the patterns. The image is then used to perform measurements like cell dynamics, colorimetry, and microscopy, all on the same reader.

The disposable cartridges (microcuvettes containing custom-developed reagents) round out this innovative system. Leti also helped develop the microfluidics technology used to carry the very tiny volumes of blood required for each test (less than 5 microliters) to the microscope’s sensor.

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