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Exploratory R&D services

Published on 29 April 2016


CEA Tech’s exploratory R&D services support business’ innovation strategies. Businesses can choose from three levels of service. 


  • This service can help businesses overcome technological hurdles in a wide range of industries (digital technology, energy, materials, and more). CEA Tech delivers broad, deep knowledge of technologies to help businesses break down the problem and identify their unique technology-related challenges. We then use specially-developed creativity methods to find novel solutions.

  • This early-stage R&D service was designed to help businesses identify desirable new product features and find ways to integrate these features into their products. We start by assessing the current state of the art to build a product roadmap that includes specific features and the technologies required to integrate them (from new materials and sensors to IoT capabilities). Participating companies play a key role in developing R&D plans for their future products with the support of CEA Tech experts.  

  • This technology-intensive innovation strategy service was designed for businesses navigating transitions due to changes in their industries. We conduct custom-developed workshops to unpack the problem and help businesses gain a clearer vision of where they are headed and the development strategy they need to get there. This service is backed by market research conducted with partners in the industry concerned.