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MOOVLAB - Interactive athletic training circuits for Fitness 2.0

Published on 30 November 2017


Moovlab's fun, interactive training circuits can be adapted to each user's personal fitness goals, making them a key weapon in any gym's customer-retention arsenal.


Europe's health and fitness market is booming, with 56 million club members across the continent. However, the average member stops working out after just three months—a trend Moovlab intends to reverse with its interactive training circuit platform. The platform is made up of sensors equipped with algorithms that recognize movements and measure physical activity and a "hub" that manages the training circuits. The technology is protected by fourteen patents and proprietary Leti know-how.


Users configure their fitness goals—lose weight, train for a marathon, or just feel better—and the platform recommends training circuits that can be completed at the gym. During the workout, the user's physical activity level is assessed in real time. Progress can be measured from one workout to the next, and more difficult circuits can then be completed.

Moovlab is also developing multi-player active games with storylines that include sports like boxing, cycling, and rowing. The company's first game, "Escape to Mars," was co-developed with game designer UrbanExpé and is offered by Keep Cool, France's third-largest chain of fitness clubs.



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