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SPORT QUANTUM - Interactive, connected electronic shooting targets

Published on 29 November 2017


Sport Quantum's electronic shooting targets give shooters their results in real time. Results can also be analyzed, archived, and shared.


Shooting sports rank third among all individual sports in terms of the number of participants. Shooters have traditionally used paper targets and a cable-based target retrieval system to find out how they did after each round. Sport Quantum offers shooters of all levels an interactive, connected electronic target system. The score for each round is instantly displayed on a smartphone or tablet.


The electronic system is made up of a screen that displays different targets and a transparent plate to protect it. The plate is equipped with piezoelectric sensors that measure the shock wave generated by each impact. Impacts are located to within 100 µm—accurate enough to be used in official competitions. The innovation is protected by five patents.


And, because the system is electronic, scores can be analyzed (average number of points, barycenter, standard deviations, etc.), saved to the cloud, and shared. The system can also generate fun interactive targets.


Sport Quantum plans to develop a range of sports-related products through a joint lab with List.



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