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Diotasoft offers augmented reality systems that promise to make complex manufacturing tasks faster and more reliable.

Published on 19 April 2016



Diotasoft offers augmented reality systems that promise to make complex manufacturing tasks faster and more reliable.


Launched in 2009 to commercialize a lineup that consisted mainly of services, in 2013 Diotasoft shifted its focus to developing its own products to aid operators in the execution of complex tasks in industrial environments. Diotasoft’s corporate customers include Dassault Aviation, Volkswagen, Total, and Bouygues Construction. Exports account for over 40% of the company’s annual revenue.

Diotasoft’s system displays instructions (such as the next steps to follow or drilling marks) directly in front of operators, with the possibility of projecting them right onto the part being worked on. It is more convenient than paper instructions and can lead to time cycle gains and poor quality cost (PQC) reductions. Exceptional for its reliability, robustness, and markerless capabilities, the system is part of a complete package provided by the company that includes customized equipment such as projectors, cameras, and tablets.

Diotasoft has an exclusive licensing agreement with List to use the institute’s patented image alignment and vision algorithms. The startup continues to improve its solutions through a joint R&D lab set up with List in 2011, a partnership that was renewed in 2014 for an additional five years.

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