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Published on 15 April 2016



RB3D designs custom cobots and exoskeletons to help operators control tools and move heavy loads.


Unlike robots, which are engineered to complete simple tasks, RB3D’s cobots work hand-in-hand with human operators to perform complex tasks, such as helping carry and guide loads of up to 100 kilos. For operators handling heavy tools like disk grinders, sanders, screw guns, and drills, cobots can help balance weight and increase the force applied. RB3D’s solutions draw upon know-how in ergonomics, mechatronics, and software to boost productivity and help operators perform production tasks more reliably, all while reducing physical fatigue. Launched in 2001, RB3D has a customer portfolio that includes Michelin, PSA, Safran, ArcelorMittal, and Colas. The joint laboratory that the company established with List in 2012 is the home base for its R&D work, mainly centered around the development of new technology bricks and patent applications. One of RB3D’s flagship developments is a 100% electric exoskeleton that can carry a 40 kg load at 3 kph for 4 hours.

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