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Published on 7 December 2023
Research FieldEmerging materials and processes for nanotechnologies and microelectronics

Domaine-SMaterials and applications

ThemeTechnological challenges

Theme-SEngineering sciences

Emerging materials and processes for nanotechnologies and microelectronics Technological challenges Materials and applications Engineering sciences DRT DCOS SITEC LIFT Grenoble
Development of large area substrates for power electronics
Improving the performance of power electronics components is a major challenge for reducing our energy consumption. Diamond appears as the ultimate candidate for power electronics. However, the small dimensions and the price of the substrates are obstacles to the use of this material. The main objective of the work is to overcome these two difficulties by slicing the samples into thin layers by SmartCut™ and by tiling these thin layers to obtain substrates compatible with microelectronics. For this, various experiments will be carried out in a clean room. Firstly, the SmartCut™ process must be made more reliable. Characterizations such as optical microscopy, AFM, SEM, Raman, XPS, electrical, etc. will be carried out in order to better understand the mechanisms involved in this process. The candidate might be required to work on other wide-gap materials studied in the laboratory such as GaN and SiC, which will allow him to have a broader view of substrates for power electronics.
Département Composants Silicium (LETI) Service Intégrations et Technologies pour les conversions d'énergies Laboratoire Intégration et Transfert de Film
LE VAN-JODIN Lucie CEA DRT/DCOS//LIFT 17 rue des martyrs 38054 grenoble cedex 0438781187
Start date1/5/2022

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