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 Research Internships

Leti offers highly attractive internship opportunities for students, who seek to benefit from a practical research experience as an integral part of their educational degree.

Published on 26 March 2024

Research internships at Leti 
Hands-on experience in technology driven innovation

Conducting a technology internship or a research project in Leti research laboratories gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and find practical solutions to real problems facing society and industry.

Most internships are carried out in team settings that mirror cutting-edge work practices and expose you to sophisticated equipment. Whether you aspire to a job in a high-tech global company or to continue studying to pursue an academic vocation, an internship experience at Leti gives you a solid start to your career.

Offers are available to students enrolled in graduate or under-graduate programs requiring an internship to earn a degree. Interns receive guidance from their advisor while progressively gaining autonomy on their project. 

Research internships positions currently open @ Leti 

See all our open positions on CEA Career website.


"It’s having the freedom to explore my ideas and to push even further"
Aurelien Sarrazin

Author of  two patents in 2015 on block copolymer selective etching technique
Leti - PhD: Development of advanced patterning techniques for sub-10 nm CMOS scaling

"I have access to multiple and versatile equipment and strong expertise for developing a new technology"
Anthony Berdeun

Best presentation award, at the first annual meeting of FINYS (French Imaging Network of Young Scientists), 2016
Université Grenoble-Alpes/Leti – PhD thesis: 3D lensless imaging for 3D cell culture