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Cyber Security Platform

Cyber Security Platform

The cybersecurity platform is staffed by more than 100 experts in protecting integrated circuits, mobile electronic devices, such as smartphones, and embedded systems and their software from threats. The platform is used to identify product vulnerabilities and come up with innovative ways to protect both hardware and software from cyber-attacks.

Published on 14 April 2023


Secure & resilient hardware and software for embedded systems

The Cybersecurity platform identifies vulnerabilities in various devices such as integrated circuits, embedded systems or industrial equipment and designs innovative protections. It hosts one of three French hardware ITSEF centers for evaluating security in commercial products.

Our Cybersecurity platform is home to 100 experts who collaborate with over thirty industrial partners through bilateral contracts, collaborative projects, or common laboratories.

The platform offers two types of collaborations and services:

  • High-level security characterizations and evaluations for electronic systems and components (retro-engineering and physical modifications of components, implementation and exploitation of attacks using auxiliary channels and fault injections, software codes analysis, testing and implementations of communication protocol)

  • Securing components, systems, and their data using: new architectures for secure processors; hardware and software security functionalities for next generation components (random number generations, cryptography); resilience strategies for off-the-shelf components; and techniques for securing critical functions (AI, cryptography).

What expertise do industrial partners receive?

• Risk analysis specific to partner technologies and use cases,
• New security strategies against hardware and software attacks
• Studying and designing security and counter-measure mechanisms adapted to system and equipment criticality
• High security hardware technologies and architectures
• Secure embedded implementations of critical functions like AI, quantum resistant cryptography, etc.

​Cutting edge equipment

• Security assessment through side-channel (current, EM, time) and faults injection (EM, lasers, voltage) testing tools
• Security assessment using invasive techniques (chemical, mechanical, FIB)
• Security assessment of communication interfaces with scanning and fuzzing testing tools
• Hardware and software design platforms with future technology security features (FD-SOI technology, new memories, crypto features)
• Platform for demonstrating and investigating vulnerabilities in industrial systems
• Micro-PackS platform at the Centre Intégré de Microélectronique of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region (CIMPACA)

How to work with the cybersecurity platform?

CEA-Leti's teams support companies of all sizes and across the value chain, from component manufacturers to embedded systems' integrators, through bilateral contracts or common laboratories. The platform has several partners, such as startups, small and medium-sized companies, large French and international groups. Among them are:  Schneider Electric and Tiempo Secure. 


  • Security evaluations for certification (CESTI HW)

  • Identification and characterization of vulnerabilities

  • Hardware and software protections 


  • 120 research engineers
  • 85 patents in portfolio (2021)


  • Grenoble and Gardanne, CEA-Leti