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Photonics Platform

​​​​​The photonics platform is France's largest R&D center for the development, characterization and simulation of optoelectronic systems and components. Its activities range from system and component design through component fabrication, integration into systems and packaging. It implements III–V and II–VI semiconductor technologies.

Published on 20 February 2024


Integrated, high-performance optical solutions for the industry

CEA-Leti's photonic platform is developing next-generation optical components and systems for telecommunications, cybersecurity, health, and augmented reality. It relies on unique equipment in Europe and includes 300 researchers.

With a portfolio of 700 patents, the platform is at the forefront of European optical and photonic innovation. It covers every aspect of their development: device design, semiconductor technologies, component manufacturing, system integration, packaging, and small series for sampling.

Researchers are in charge of developing manufacturing processes for every optical material (III-V, II-VI, silicon, etc.), with wafer sizes ranging from 2 inches to 300 mm. The platform adjoins industrial facilities where manufacturing processes are validated, supporting the transfer of innovative and competitive solutions to the industry.

What expertise do industrial partners receive?

• Increased miniaturization of components and features 
• Reduction of optical losses and power consumption
• Integration of silicon with III-V or II-VI materials 
• Quantum photonics for high-performance computing and secure communications 
• Manufacturing processes for photonics 
• Eco-innovation

​Cutting edge preindustrial equipment

• Wafer-level collective optical characterization benches using probe testing 
• Photonics dedicated packaging and assembly equipment developed in partnership with equipment manufacturers: high-precision fiber-optic alignment, image sensors bonding, etc. 
• CEA-Leti works with CEA Tech Nouvelle Aquitaine’s PIMS platform, using optical test and characterization means

How to work with
the photonic platform?

CEA-Leti’s teams support the innovation needs of industrial partners throughout all development stages via bilateral contracts or common laboratories. The platform has approximately thirty partners, such as startups, small and medium-sized companies, or major French and international groups in various fields. A few example: Lynred (cooled and uncooled infrared vision), Trixell (medical imaging), Aledia (displays), Microoled (microdisplays), III-V Lab, etc.


  • Imagers (visible light, infrared, THz)

  • Silicon photonic components for Communication and Computing

  • Displays and optical systems

  • Miniaturized optical sensors

  • Photonic systems​


  • 10,000 m² not including clean rooms

  • 300 engineers and technicians

  • 700 patents in our portfolio

  • 50 M€ of cumulated investments

  • 30+ partners

  • 15 common laboratories 


  • Grenoble, CEA-Leti