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Surface Chemistry

Surface Chemistry

Published on 22 November 2019

Surface Chemistry

Sustainable, robust, reproducible and suitable for industry process

Leti Surface Chemistry service offers functional chemical interface following your needs. Leti assists you from identification to your needs to industrial transfer including feasibility test and process optimization for short runs.

Leti surface chemistry service offers processes on semi-conductors and metals, glass and oxides, polymers and plastics from single component to wafer scale taking into account fabrication constraints and application requirements: low temperature, fast, biocompatible and green processes.

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SURFACE FUNCTIONALIZATION: liquid, vapor, supercritical CO2 deposition of: organic layers (silanes, phosphonates, thiols), polymers, silica, patterned (> 1μm)
biological (DNA, PCR fragments, proteins, enzymes, antibodies) or chemical (saccharides, peptides, synthetic molecules) loading by spotting or freeze drying

SURFACE CHARACTERIZATION: contact angle, thickness (from 1nm), roughness, porosity, specific surface, zeta potential, fluorescence

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Keeping it clean: Leti joins four French partners to test smart antibacterial surfaces in space - © CNES/GRIMAULT Emmanuel, 2016