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Supporting industries

Published on 27 January 2021

Supporting industries

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Industrial solutions for 2025

  • In 2019, CEA-Leti launched a program dedicated to responding to the growing and urgent need of industry for solutions to successfully migrate artificial intelligence to the edge.

  • The program brings together some 50 multidisciplinary experts through various partnerships, possessing all the necessary skills to develop hardware and software solutions, capable of supporting Edge AI. The goal is to tailor highly reliable and low-power solutions leveraging new approaches inspired by neural networks, combining digital and analog technologies. 

  • Consequently, the Van Neumann approach has been replaced by neuromorphic approaches and innovative hardware architectures featuring in-memory computing. From the design phase to manufacturing, CEA-Leti experts and the program's partners' mission is to develop solutions that will be marketable by 2025.

Rethinking the architecture of electronic chips 

To create hardware solutions from scratch that combine high-performance computing and energy efficiency using low-cost, integrated SoC components, the program's experts are looking into ways of designing innovative architectures, and neuromorphic architectures in particular, capable of:

  • Bringing the computing units and the data storage units closer together  
  • Making full use of the potential of non-volatile memories capable of keeping the information  even when the power supply is off
  • Positioning the memories above the computing units or leveraging in-memory computing   
  • Combining the sensors and imagers with AI computing units, and
  • Developing algorithms specific to Edge AI.

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