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Published on 13 April 2023

A new way to check the authenticity of a product using an x-ray marker

 What is Idemax?

Idemax is a new marking solution to guarantee the authenticity of medicines, based on Xtags, a new type of marker with a unique spectral signature in the X-ray wavelength range. A special spectrometric X-ray imaging detector has been developed to identify the Xtag marker.

  • Xtag are incorporated in the product or in the packaging’s paperboard using standard coating or printing process
  • They are invisible to the naked eye and by traditional X-ray imaging systems
  • The detector can be integrated as an addon in existing inline control systems (luggage, customs, etc.) or in dedicated compact system


A new tool to combat counterfeits:

  • Drug authentication
  • Luxury industry
  • Any industrial application where the use of the genuine product is critical

  What's new?

  • New spectral real-time imaging detector with a dedicated authentication algorithm
  • Easy and fast authentication procedure that does not require opening the packaging
  • Automatic detection of partial counterfeit batch
  • Control can be performed at different levels throughout the product lifecycle
  • Large choice of application specific Xtags taking into account integration ability and cost


  What's next?

Development of industrial demonstrators for online and offline control with industrial partners.


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