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Published on 3 April 2020

Versatile and biocompatible lipid-based delivery system for bio-medical applications

  What is Lipidot®  technology?

Leti’s Lipidot® technology is a versatile nano-delivery platform to diagnose and provide medical treatments based on each patient’s characteristics. Lipidot® are small droplets of lipids that encapsulate, carry and deliver within the target cells / tissues: active drug compounds, imaging contrast agents and other lipophilic payload. These droplets also vectorize biomacromolecules – i.e nucleic acids, peptides, proteins, etc. Their composition, size, dosage forms and rheological properties can be tailored depending on the targeted site. More specifically, Lipidot® display target-specific affinity towards liver, lymph nodes, solid tumor, or lipid-rich areas such as atherosclerotic plaques. Lipidot® lipid droplets are composed of bioabsorbable and biocompatible ingredients, which are already FDA approved for human-use.


  • Fluorescent dye transporter for in vitro & in vivo diagnostics and surgery guidance
  • Drug transporter for chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy
  • Nucleic acid delivery / SiRNA transfection agents for in vitro diagnostic and gene therapy
  • Adjuvant delivery system for vaccines and immunotherapy

  What's new?

  • Lipid core for easy solubilization of lipophilic drugs
  • Highly biocompatible and bioassimilable ingredients
  • Versatile technology with a range of diameter (from 30 nm to 120 nm), dosage forms and rheological properties (fluid dispersions, viscous gels)
  • High colloidal stability (> 18 months, 4°C to 40°C, 2<pH<10)
  • Up-scalable solvent-free process
  • Process validated at both lab-scale and industrial scale
  • Pilot line capabilities and associated analytical characterization

  What's next?

New applications under development
  • PET imaging agents for atherosclerosis
  • Preclinical validation at the late stage of siRNA delivery in vivo in a context of inflammatory bowel diseases (NewDeal project H2020)
  • Challenge-test of a nanovaccine formulation in a model of infectious diseases in order to demonstrate an induction of protective immunity
  • Currently under industrialization with V-NANO for up-scale and GMP production (up to 60L)


 15 patents

 20 peer-reviewed articles

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