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​Optical multi-sensors​


Published on 15 January 2024

Optical multi-sensors​

Ultra-miniaturized, high-performance optical multi-sensors for gas & liquid detection​​

CEA-Leti has worked on innovative photonic sensing technologies for many years. One result of this expertise is the development of new generations of miniaturized, optical photoacoustic and interferometric sensors:

  • Photoacoustic sensors using quantum cascade lasers: By using the thermal laser excitation of a gas or a liquid, it is possible to selectively determine very low concentrations (down to sub-ppm) in real-time.
  • Interferometric Mach-Zehnder sensors: By adsorbing molecules onto arrays of SiN waveguides, it is possible to measure in parallel concentrations for a wide variety of chemical species.

CEA-Leti develops novel sensor solutions from low technology readiness levels (TRL) up to demonstrated proof of concepts (TRL 4-5). Our innovative R&D covers topics such as modeling, design, prototyping, manufacturing and characterization methods from components to sensing systems.​

A wide range of applications
  • Environment: reduction of environmental pollution through the monitoring
    of air (indoor & outdoor) and water quality. Development of new energy sectors thanks to innovative green gas sensing solutions
  • Health: improved patient health & comfort thanks to monitoring systems
    for physio parameters and bio-sensing for point-of-care diagnostics
    as well as drug manufacturing
  • Industry: reduction of industrial emissions through improved monitoring
    of gas emissions, gas leak detection and gas quality control
  • Transportation: safer & cleaner transportation with in-cabin gas monitoring
    for driver safety and comfort as well as the monitoring of vehicle emissions
  • Safety & security: improved safety & security thanks to better monitoring solutions for toxic and explosive gases in both industrial and public environments
  • Agroindustry: waste reduction for agrifood thanks to improved food quality monitoring

What's new?​

​​​​Photoacoustic and interferometric sensors aim to support a variety of high volume and high performance applications, including consumer markets. Notable features and performance indicators include:


What’s next?

CEA-Leti is working on a variety of challenging technological topics such as Photonic Integrated Circuits in Mid-Infrared (PIC MIR), QCL on Silicon, Si/SiGe/Ge or SiN waveguide photonic platforms and MEMS emitting MIR light source...​


Photoacoustic and interferometric sensors can help overcome a wide variety of societal and environmental challenges through applications for:​

  • Environment
  • Health
  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Safety & security
  • Agroindustry​

​​Photoacoustic Sensor

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