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Agro, food Industry & environment

Agro, Food Industry & Environment

Leti has become a major player of the digital revolution in the agriculture, food and environment sectors by offering technological solutions to the social problems faced by those affected.

Published on 25 February 2017

Leti, leader in the digital revolution

Leti has become a major player of the digital revolution in the agriculture, food and environment sectors by offering technological solutions to the social problems faced by those affected.

These sectors are entering the digital era and must adapt to the needs of an increasingly health-conscious society. Leti has developed innovative technologies in response to user needs.

Our Institute offers connected sensors that are essential to developing precision agriculture. It has also designed farm monitoring devices that help detect and quickly treat diseases, thereby enhancing animal well-being.

Leti is contributing to the emergence of the agri-food industry of the future. Interconnected sensors delivering data that can be analyzed in real time facilitated process control optimization. On-site rapid analysis systems help to ensure food safety at every stage of the production process.

Leti is also contributing to curtailment of air and water pollution impacts, which are among the greatest threats to public health. It has developed sensors capable of measuring levels of chemical pollution, detecting the presence of harmful gases and monitoring levels of fine particulates in ambient air. 

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