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Access a unique portfolio of smart solutions. Intelligent systems, high connectivity, autonomous systems… GATEONE offers solutions to European SMEs. Demonstrators meeting SME requirements are submitted for assessment.

Published on 29 April 2021

Innovation Service for European Smartization by SMEs

Access a unique portfolio of smart solutions. Intelligent systems, high connectivity, autonomous systems… GATEONE offers solutions to European SMEs. Demonstrators meeting SME requirements are submitted for assessment.


Starting date : Jan. 2015 > Jun. 2018

Lifetime: 42 months

Program in support :  


Status project : complete

CEA-Leti's contact :

Isabelle Chartier

Bernard Strée


Project Coordinator: CEA-Leti (FR)


  • CH: CSEM
  • DE: Fraunhofer IPMS
  • ES: Ikerlan-IK4
  • FI: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • FR: Blumorpho, LAASCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique
  • IE: Cork, National University of Ireland, University College Cork
  • UK: University of Teesside

Target market: n/a


  • “Best Early Stage Innovation”, MEG demonstrators wons
    the Innovation Radar Prize 2017 @ European Commission
    ICT proposers’ day 2017, Budapest.

  • “The GATEONE: a digital innovation hub accelerating
    innovation through ecosystem design and product trajectory.”
    R. Hamelin, G. Andrieux, I. Chartier, B. Roustom, Th. Healy,
    Z. Ali, B. Legrand, K. Mayora, M. Scholles, R. Guerre. Smart
    Systems Integration 2018; 12th International Conference
    and Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems:
    Smart Systems Integration 2018 - Dresden, Germany

  • Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2017 and 2018, Las
    Vegas), with Moovlab and APNEA Band.

Investment:  € 6.7 m.

EC Contribution€ 5.4 m.



  • Strong leverage effect:
    CEA-Leti has produced 14 prototypes with values ranging from 50 to 100 k€. One or more SME or manufacturer in the value chain has been involved, when it could assist in application assessment. In all, over 25 SMEs have joined CEA-Leti in defining and assessing the market for these prototypes, over 10 of which have progressed to the second “Gate-two” development step.

  • The leverage effect of CEA-Leti prototypes is 2.5 times over 2 years with 2.4 M€ generated for 975 k€ invested by the EU.

  • Concrete results: 2 start-up creations
    • MOOVLAB was created in 2016 with the two SMEs involved in GATEONE. European funding helped to design the first bricks of the wearable gym motion tracker used today by the startup. The MOOVLAB platform was presented at CES 2017 and 2018 (
    Pages/resources/videos/startup-moovlab.aspx). MOOVLAB generated its first turnover in 2017 by developing its first sport escape game, “Escape to Mars”, for KeepCool (2nd gym operator in France). The start-up is now developing an interactive workout training video for gyms and is seeking funds for industrializing and commercializing its solution at gyms and companies in Europe.
    • Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is an imaging technique that measures brain activity based on magnetic field measurements. The prototype is based on low noise magnetometers operating at room temperature. GATEONE has enabled a first demonstration with a single sensor offering higher sensitivity of 60 fT/rtHz. R&D projects were subsequently launched with a medical team and a Carnot institute; these produced a 30% increase in sensitivity and
    enabled a 5 sensors prototype to be designed. Clinical trials are planned to test the demonstrator for epilepsy at the start of 2020. The team has join CEA-Leti’s incubator for creating an MEG company mid-2020.


    The objective of GATEONE is to accelerate smart system adoption by European SMEs by facilitating their access to advanced technologies for developing innovative, smart solutions.
    GATEONE offers «Innovation as a Service» to assist SMEs in structuring a complete, specific innovation chain for:
    • Demonstrating the strength of smart system Key Enabling Technologies to create sustainable differentiation on their market
    • Encouraging SME commitment to radical, disruptive innovation using a «technology push» approach to consolidate a business case
    • Generating innovation opportunities for SMEs, while reducing and managing their investment risk:
    - GATEONE enables state-of-the-art technology assessment by SMEs based on free demonstrators
    - GATEONE ensures introduction to potential production partners, when required.
    GATEONE has the vision to make smart system technologies accessible as solutions to non-expert SMEs (newcomers to investment in smart systems technologies) and traditional European industries, which are unfamiliar with smart systems or innovation.
    GATEONE aims to position SMEs as key players of European industry smartization, thereby strengthening European competitiveness.
    This innovation action generates a structured dialogue through concrete cooperation between the research community (research centers and academics) and SMEs.

  • GATEONE contributes to defining best practices at pan-European level along with a sustainable RTO and SME cooperation framework.


  • In all, GATEONE has delivered 50 demonstrators and 24 SMEs have adopted the technology in their development roadmaps. 22 companies have sealed partnerships for Gate-two projects either through bilateral contracts with
    the RTO or under grant. For 2.875M€ invested in the demonstrator activity, 6.2M€ was generated by Gate-two projects in 2017-2018 ( 2.1 times leverage). Some projects have already led to revenue generation by SMEs.