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Published on 22 April 2021

MILEDI: Micro Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode and Organic Light-Emitting Diode - Direct Patterning

The MILEDI project aims to develop ultra-small displays based on micrometer scale red, green and blue LED pixel arrays. These displays are projected to be integrated into car dashboards to provide efficient, luminous, interior screens.


Starting date : Jan 2019 > Dec 2021

Lifetime: 36 months

Program in support :



Status of project : in progress

CEA-Leti's contact :                             

> Etienne Quesnel

> Laurent Fulbert       



Project Coordinator: Enea (IT)


  • DE: Fraunhofer Institute, Technical University of Dresden
  • FR: CEA-Leti, Microoled
  • GB: University of St Andrews
  • IL: Amsys
  • IT: Enea, Fiat Research Center, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  • LT: Ekspla

Investment: € 4.1 mi

EC Contribution€ 4.1 mi



  • CEA-Leti’s contribution to the MILEDI project involves developing blue, micro-LED arrays, preparing them for quantum dot layer coating and laser patterning, and assessing their corresponding color conversion efficiency.

  • During the initial project period, CEA-Leti has mainly taken color conversion measurements on luminescent materials provided by the different project partners to select the best candidate for producing red or green pixels. Several QD compositions have been tested (Cd-based and Cd-free nanoparticles) and preliminary aging has been performed to assess the material stability under luminous flux.

  • Micro-LED array manufacturing has also started. The main concern has been to remove the GaN growth sapphire substrate to provide high-contrast pixelated blue LED arrays. A number of trials has been conducted on mechanical samples (at chip and wafer levels) and their results will soon be reproduced on functional LED arrays.

  • Upcoming project work will be dedicated firstly to implementing a laser patterning technique on these LED arrays to grow locally red and green quantum dots within in a polymer host matrix deposited on GaN and secondly to directly obtaining red-green-blue micro-displays.


  • The MILEDI project is targeting fabrication of micro light-emitting diodes (mQDL) and micro organic light-emitting diodes (mQDO) using direct laser or electron beam patterning of nanometer scale Quantum Dots (QDs) to write the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) arrays for display production.


The expected outcome of the program will be to enable European manufacturers to:

  • Market highly competitive products by integrating wearable visualization for systems and user-centric services in business cases involving personal health care, lifestyle, sports, smart cities, smart home and 5G connectivity

  • Build a Europe-centered value chain by strengthening domestic manufacturing of optical and semiconductor components and software for typical telecom, medical, sports and eyewear systems.