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Published on 9 December 2019

ENERGYSAVER 100: A faster, more compact, environmentally-friendly 100W universal charger (USB C power delivery)

  What is Energysaver 100?

Today’s consumers use an average of four different types of chargers for their electronic devices. 

Leti startup wise-integration will be at CES 2020 to present the world’s first universal USB charger capable of powering any device up to 100W. The USB Power Delivery protocol automatically adjusts the power to the device being charged.

User benefits: 

  • 6x faster than a conventional 15W charger
  • Multiport: Charge up to 4 devices at once with it’s dynamic usb C HUB
  • Universal: thanks to USB PD protocol : use to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

  Energysaver 100 @CES2020

Test the power of the EnergySaver 100 charger! Plug in up to four devices…your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other USB device and see just how much power this pocket-sized charger packs in. A display lets you track how much power is being delivered to each device, from 5W to 100W and the breakdown of total power, device by device.

  What's new?

Wise-integration built on a decade of Leti R&D on the monolithic integration of GaN on silicon power functions to:

  • Implement new system architectures (e-dAB, e-DBSS) to get the most out of the performance offered by GaN power components
  • Deliver high-frequency operation with integrated GaN components (GaN integrated circuits) to make electronic
  • systems smaller
  • Minimize transformer losses with planar and new magnetic transformers
  • Use soft switching (ZVS, ZCS) to reduce energy losses
  • Improve energy efficiency: 98% vs. 94% at the state of the art
  • Increase power densities with integrated GaN circuits that
  • operate at high frequency (>1MHz)

  What's next?

Wise-integration is working actively with charger and wall outlet manufacturers to bring consumers the EnergySaver 100 by year’s end. The company is also developing a similar 100W USB-C solution for wall outlets.

Once the EnergySaver 100 has been released, wise-integration lans to develop a 500W power supply for OLED 8K TVs. In a more distant future, the company would like to develop power supply solutions for data centers.

The EnergySaver 100 is slated for release in late 2020.


 6x faster

 6x smaller

 98% efficiency

 Remains cool

 Multiport capability

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