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CEA-Leti @Photonics West 2023

From 1/28/2023 to 2/2/2023
San Francisco, California, United States

With 13 publications this year, CEA-Leti’s researchers will present majors scientific results at BiOS and OPTO conferences from January 28th to February 2nd of 2023.

You will have the opportunity to be part of the discussion of innovative applications such as:  
  • Quantum computing, µLED applications, multilayer photonic integrated circuit design for dense random waveguide distribution addressing… 


​Jan 29th – 8am to 8:20am 

​Marine Beurrier-Bousquet

Presentation: Mid-infrared digital holography imaging in aqueous media

Jan 30th – 4 :20pm to 4 :40pm

​Jean Hue

Presentation: An upgradable testing platform designed to characterize and test optical components of FMCW LiDARs, particularly optical phased arrays

Jan 31st – 8:45am to 9:05am 

Raphael Mulin

Presentation: Bloch mode analysis of subwavelength polarizing planar optics

Jan 31st  - 11:50am to 12:10pm 

Christophe Martinez

Presentation: Evaluation of a pixelated holographic display concept for a near-eye display: recent results and technological developments

Jan 31st  - 2pm to 2:30pm

Ségolène Olivier

Presentation: Building a quantum-grade integrated photonics platform to address the technological challenges of quantum communications and computing

Jan 31st  - 2pm to 2:20pm 

​Fabian Rainouard

Presentation: Simulation of speckle in pixelated hologram image recovery: application for AR retinal projection device

​Jan 31st  - 2:10pm to 2:30 pm
​Nicola Michit

Presentation: Simulation error estimation in non-coherent light emitting devices

Feb 1st – 11:10am to 11:30am

​Léopold Virot

Presentation: High rejection filters based on cascaded ring resonators in a 300 mm silicon photonics platform

Feb 1st – 6pm to 8pm

​Paolo De Martino

Presentation: Monolithic integration of small pitch hybrid LED-OLED bicolor array on 8” Si for pure color applications

​Feb 1st – 2:50pm to 3:10pm
​Salaheddine Toubi

Presentation:   Study and validation of switchable grating using liquid crystal for active waveguide addressing

Feb 1st – 6pm to 8pm

​Amade Ndiaye

Presentation: Design and manufacturing of compact on-Silicon MQW color-converters using photonic-crystal light-extractors and Bloch-mode replication for µLED applications

​Feb 1st – 6pm to 8pm
​Christophe Martinez

Presentation: Optimized design and manufacturing process of diffuse micro corner cubes for head-up projection display applications

Feb 2nd – 2:45pm to 3pm 

​Kyllian Millard

Presentation: Multilayer photonic-integrated circuit design for dense random waveguide distribution addressing, application to near-eye display


CEA-Leti is also delighted to welcome you at Photonics West Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, 2022, San Francisco, Moscone Center, French Pavilion, booth 959A.

  • Discover components and systems for applications such as retinal projection, multi gas sensor, imaging and quantum technologies.
  • ADMIR will be present in our booth 1059/959 - ADMIR is a deep tech start-up related to biomedical applications. ADMIR helps doctors and biologists to accelerate and enhance the analysis workflow making them 100x faster and more reliable.

Booth #959A/French Pavilion

The Moscone Center

San Francisco, California


Discover CEA-Leti's technologies: 


Don't miss CEA-Leti's workshop Feb. 1st, 2023 to discover the latest R&D available in photonic technologies. 
CEA-Leti experts will present cutting-edge results for the future of photonics-based applications (Image Sensors, Displays, Optical Sensors and Advanced Packaging…)

A special keynote speech will be given by Dr. Babak Sabi, Senior VP & General Manager ATD at Intel Corporation.

📍 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 151 3rd St, San Francisco, (Located just steps from Moscone center).

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The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, United States
Booth: French Pavilion


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