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CEA-Leti@ECTC 2020

From 6/3/2020 to 6/30/2020
Virtual Platform

ECTC has moved to a FREE virtual platform !

Don't miss out CEA-leti's latest scientific results at the Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC). With sessions ranging from future semiconductor packaging, advanced bonding techniques to automotive and power electronics, enjoy the latest R&D available.

Because of COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, the event will be hosted online all month long. Free of charge. 

Check out the program on the event website

About CEA-Leti scientific papers @ECTC 2020

Session 1: 

  • Fan-Out Technologies for System Integration - Committee: Packaging Technologies
  • Flexible Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging of Ultra-Thin Dies  - Cea-Leti : Jean-Charles Souriau, Laetitia Castagné, Carine Ladner, Rémi Franiatte, Jennifer Guillaume

Session 2: 

  • Innovation on WLCSP and 3D Packaging - Committee: Materials & Processing
  • Chemical Thinning Approach for High-Topography Glass Wafers: Application for Thin Film Batteries -  CEA-Leti :   Messaoud Bedjaoui, Jean Brun, Steve Martin, Raphaël Salot 

Session 5: 

  • Advanced Bonding Methods and Processing - Committee: Assembly & Manufacturing Technology

  • A Reliable Copper-Free Wafer Level Hybrid Bonding Technology for High-Performance Medical Imaging Sensors - CEA-Leti :  Amandine Jouve, Emmanuelle Lagoutte, Romain Crochemore, Gaelle Mauguen, Thierry Flahaut, C. Dubarry, Viorel Balan, Frank Fournel, E. Bourjot, M. Scannell Ams AG : K. Rohracher

Session 31:

  • Automotive and Power Electronics Packaging - Committee: Packaging Technologies

  • Very Low Parasitic Inductance Double Side Cooling Power Modules Based on Ceramic Substrates and GaN Devices- CEA-Leti : Christine Laurant, Johan Delaine, Pierre Périchon, Charley Lanneluc, Benoit Thollin, René Escoffier, Antoine Izoulet, Manon Porlan, Jean Brun aPSI3D : Jacques Favre

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